Expert: Mathilda Mushiete

Mathilda Mushiete started the ERM Graduate Program last year (2018). ERM is a company that focuses on the environment and sustainability. In this short blog she tells you about her experiences with the program and what she has learned from it.

Searching for a job where environment and sustainability are genuine and important values rather than greenwashed nouns, ERM crossed my path. A first job is never easy and that is exactly why the ERM Graduate Program is the ideal stepping stone. During one year, a variety of technical, consultancy, management and development trainings are offered in the form of online courses, coaching sessions, masterclasses or on-the-job training. Don’t be mistaken, this is a real job and your day-to-day activities will indeed contribute to real and exciting projects. I have appreciated that ERM invests in personal development. During the Program you are closely supervised by a mentor and a line manager and extra attention is paid to your career path. I started in the Operational Performance team and can say this: no day or project is the same. Ranging from helping a client to obtain his/her environmental permit to advising a company on the legal and ecological implications of switching from classic lead-acid batteries to lithium-ion batteries to making an environmental impact assessment for a new power plant. Even though I have more of an environmental background, ERM offers you the opportunity to work on projects that are sometimes out of your comfort zone and hereby broaden your work scope. In only a couple of months I have had the chance to work with companies like Google, Shell, Toyota, etc. So if working for interesting clients appeals to you, just as it does for me, then you’ll find your fair share of excitement in ERM’s customer base. What is great about ERM is that it is not only a global company but especially that all the different offices work in close interaction. You can have calls with Poland in the morning and exchange e-mails with the US in the afternoon. I have found the challenge that I was looking for in the Graduate Program without feeling neglected. A nice extra, the ERM offices are located nearby the train station (less than a 1 minute walk!!) which makes commuting fun and easy!