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Career Services, een nieuw organisatieonderdeel van de Universiteit Utrecht, stimuleert studenten om meer inzicht te krijgen in hun drijfveren, talenten en interesses en op zoek te gaan naar toekomstmogelijkheden die daarbij passen. Ook reikt Career Services studenten netwerkmogelijkheden aan en helpt ze studenten om te leren solliciteren.

Ben jij al aan het nadenken over je loopbaan nadat je bent afgestudeerd? Career Services helpt je om je voor te bereiden op je carrière met activiteiten binnen en buiten je opleiding.


  • Writing a CV and Cover Letter: Are you ready to look for an internship or new job? In this workshop you will learn what is standard practice for writing an effective cv and appropriate cover letter. Using instruction video’s and detailed explanations of do’s and don’ts, we will show you the different components that make up cv’s and cover letters. We’ll also discuss how employers select from all the cv’s and letters they receive, and how you can use this knowledge to your advantage. During the workshop you will start working on your cv and cover letter and give each other feedback with the help of a checklist. There will be plenty of time for you to ask any questions you may have. Once you have finished your cv and/or cover letter using all the knowledge you’ve gained during the workshop, you can get this checked by a career officer in an individual session. This workshop is an excellent starting point for students who are new to writing cv’s and cover letters.
  • Self-analysis for career orientation: Are you unclear on what kind of job will suit you, what you are passionate about, or what is possible with your educational background? In this workshop, we will explore these questions to find out what is in your wheelhouse. By consciously and actively engaging with these themes, you will find out what it is you really want. An experienced career coach will encourage you to look at different aspects of yourself and your life to extract information for your future. By mapping your interests, capabilities, motives and career values, you will determine what is (most) important to you. After that, we will consider the jobs, organizations and tasks that fit your preferences. After this workshop, you will continue your job search with more self-knowledge and more self-confidence.
  • Exploring the job market and networking: The job market offers innumerable possibilities. In this workshop you will learn how to get a better understanding of organizations and positions. You will also learn how to use and improve the networks you belong to. It makes sense to bear your preferences, qualities, and drives in mind as you explore the job market. To do that, you need a clear picture of what criteria your future job has to meet. If you don’t have that yet, recommend you take the Self-analysis for Career Development workshop first. You could also look into some jobs that interest you and formulate criteria based on those. In the Exploring the Job Market & Networking workshop, we will look at the ways employers look for employees, so you can anticipate their needs as you look for a job. You will learn how to track jobs and vacancies and how to make use of your network. You will also learn how best to present yourself to prospective employers by preparing a professional pitch. When you complete this workshop, you will better understand how to approach the job market and will be more aware of the potential of your own network. As a result, you will approach prospective employers with greater confidence.
  • Preparing a job interview: Do you know what is important during job interviews? This workshop will help you understand the employer’s perspective and how to play into their needs effectively. In this workshop we will focus on the interview that you need to do to get a job or internship. You will also learn about the do’s and don’ts of writing your CV and cover letter. For this workshop, it is important that you have a relatively clear idea of what kinds of organizations and jobs appeal to you. If you are not there yet, we recommend that you take the Exploring the Job Market & Networking workshop first. For the Preparing a job interview workshop, you will analyze a vacancy of your choice in order to assess what an employer is looking for. You will examine how your motivation and experience align with the job. You will also practice your answers to some common job interview questions and will be coached on how to improve your presentation. This practical workshop will help you build confidence for your next application for a job or internship. Afterwards, you can make an appointment with a career officer to practice one-to-one.
  • Being LGBT in the workplace: For many humans, looking or feeling different from the main group can be challenging . Sometimes this happens when LGBT’s start working at a predominantly heterosexual workplace. It can make you wonder how to be yourself and fit in at the same time. In some organizations being part of mainstream networks seems necessary for success. How can you deal with this? In the first part of this workshop Career Services trainer Jacky Limvers will guide you to investigate how ‘being different’ provides you with certain qualities and strengths. We explore how to use this in the workplace. We will also practice with some professional / social situations. In the second part Faisal Sheikh and Stephan Horn from Rabobank will tell us about their organizations LGBT-network and how diversity is stimulated through the whole organization. You can also ask all three trainers about their personal experiences in their different workplaces.